Notes on Elven Ruins

The Elven ruins were an interesting puzzle, but it didn’t take long for you to weave your magic through them and fill in most of the missing pieces.

The runes were a spell to create a message that would play when triggered. The nature of the runes allow the message to be changed easily. What remained was the last message that was cast into them.

When you placed the runes down and forced their activation a young Elven womans voice filled the room. Her voice was even in tone and calm. Some of the message was lost, but this is what she said:

“Hello, welcome members of the w…<break>…ouncil. Your continued support is held in our hearts and … <break> …as Obad-Hai’s gazes from the star…<break> …we reach beyond and further then ever before with aid of….<break>…greater still. This invitation…<break>… Marial will oversee … <break>….and a new dawn will shine upon us.”

Notes on Elven Ruins

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